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About us


Now, J-E-W was thought out by quite a few people, and it has taken place of the following shows, and today we pay tribute to them. Pensbury Park Wresting, Josh & Connors Wrestling, and some others that we have forgot, due to the fact that they are all old.

I thought about this as everyday that I went outside, I could see people beating the crap out of each other and constantly arguing about their rubbish, so I got them all together and said to them: "why dont we make a wrestling company, and then we can legally do this." they said yes to this, and then the old companies were formed, and an extreme rivalry was created between the two shows. Then i came along and got the two companies to join together and that, my friends, is how J.E.W was formed. :)

Originaly I was going to call the company Josh's Entertaining Wrestling but instead we decided to call it Josh's Extreme Wrestling because well its extreme.


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