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Pay Per Views

Pay Per Views - You dont have to pay for this, this is just the name of special shows.

Pay Per Views are special events from JEW which are not payed for as this is just a name for them. 

Below are a list of 12 Pay Per Views (1 Every Month) in order from January to December (No dates are announced until the PPV is coming up.)

Here are them all; (May Change)

- Royal Rumble - January

- Last Chance - Febuary

- Annihilator (The Big PPV) - March

- Full Force - April

- Vengeance - May

- Extreme Summer - June

- Come Get Some - July

- WrestleZone - August

- Blood, Sweat and Tears (Upcoming PPV - See Above Page) - September

- Highway To Hell - October

-  ThunderStorm - November

- Bloody and Broken - December